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Peter Saxon – The Disorientated Man

Posted by demonik on November 14, 2022

Peter Saxon – The Disorientated Man (Mayflower-Dell, Sept. 1966)



A boy runs screaming through the night.

He has stumbled on the body of a girl, terribly mutilated. It looks like the work of a prowling sex-maniac, but police investigations reveal much more. The terror they are hunting is more than human; the search they have started will uncover a terrifying mixture of rape, blood lust, murder, scientific diabolism and ruthless human vivisection, backed by a deadly political force.

In an ordinary suburban recreation-ground The Thing first makes its presence known. A presence more savage than savagery itself…more terrifying than terror. As much beyond human comprehension as it is beyond human decency and human laws…

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Peter Haining – Where Nightmares Are

Posted by demonik on July 27, 2010

Peter Haining – Where Nightmares Are (Mayflower-Dell, April, 1966: Mayflower, 1969: Severn House, 1983)

Introduction – Peter Haining

Ambrose Bierce – Moxon’s Master
Robert Louis Stevenson – The Bodysnatcher
Edgar Allan Poe – The Man That Was Used Up
Guy De Maupassant – Night
Nathaniel Hawthorne – Rappaccini’s Daughter
Fitz-James O’Brien – What Was it?
J. S. Le Fanu – The Familiar
Charles Dickens – The Trial For Murder
Washington Irving – The Spectre Bridegroom
Robert Louis Stevenson – Thrawn Janet
Edgar Allan Poe – The Cask Of Amontillado
Ambrose Bierce – An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge
J. S. Le Fanu – The White Cat Of Drumgunniol
Robert W. Chambers – Passeur

Blurb: doesn’t have one; it just says “Horror by” and names some of the contributors

See also Where Nightmares Are thread on Vault forum.

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David Cronenberg – The Brood

Posted by demonik on July 27, 2010

David Cronenberg – The Brood (Mayflower, 1979)

The Brood will take you beyond fear, beyond terror, beyond the boundaries of the mind.
More frightening than the unknown  … Something you can’t control.

David Cronenberg’s THE BROOD
Oliver Reed: Samantha Eggar: and introducing Cindy Hinds
written and directed by David Cronenberg
produced by Claude Heroux
executive producers Victor Solnicki and Pierre David
Alpha from Mutual Productions/Elgin International Productions

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Robin Odell – Jack The Ripper

Posted by demonik on May 6, 2008

Robin Odell – Jack The Ripper, In Fact And Fiction (Mayflower-Dell, Sept. 1966)



In the autumn of 1888 the streets of London were streets of terror. The cause – a series of mysterious and apparently motiveless murders. Respectable citizens cowered behind shuttered windows and multi-locked doors. Ironically, however, it was not the respectable who were in danger. The victims were all drawn from the trade which necessity still compelled to haunt dark alleys and doorways at dead of night – the prostitutes.

Theories on the identity of the murderer have been many and various: that he was a fashionable doctor, even that he was a she – a midwife. Robin Odell has produced an absorbing factual reconstruction of all the crimes and a brilliant new theory, based on modern methods of detection, to solve the greatest mystery in British criminology. Most readers will accept his theory as the long-sought answer to a baffling real-life whodunit: as the most likely epitaph on a terror known as Jack The Ripper, In Fact And Fiction.

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