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Michel Parry – Black Magic #1

Posted by demonik on July 13, 2007

Michel Parry (ed.) – The 1st Mayflower Book of Black Magic Stories (1974)

Introduction – Michel Parry

Ramsey Campbell – Potential
Dennis Wheatley – The Snake
Anthony Boucher – They Bite
Aleister Crowley – The Vixen
H. R. Wakefield – “He Cometh And He Passeth By”
Feodor Sologub – The Invoker Of The Beast
Richard Matheson – Witch War
Madame Blavatsky – The Ensouled Violin
Frederic Brown – Nasty
Charles Beaumont – The New People
Sax Rohmer – In The Valley Of The Sorceress
James Platt – The Devil’s Debt
Seabury Quinn – The Hand Of Glory


The stories in this book are fiction, but Magic, Black or White, is real and is best left to experienced Magicians. Under no circumstances should the Reader attempt to carry out the rituals or invocations described in these pages. The Editor and Publishers will not be held responsible for the consequences in cases where this warning has been ignored.

Hows that for a wonderful come-on?

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