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Michel Parry – Black Magic #5

Posted by demonik on July 13, 2007

Michel Parry (ed.) -The 5th Mayflower Book Of Black Magic Stories (Mayflower, 1976)

Les Edwards

Frederick Cowles – The House On The Marsh
Evelyn Waugh – Out Of Depth
Alfred Bester – Hell Is Forever
Henry Slesar – The Wish-Giver
Patricia Williams – The Night Of The Beast
Ramsey Campbell – Lilith’s
Anthony Boucher – Nellthu
Roland Caine – Red Christmas

I’m still working through the Alfred Bester mini-novel – six decadents hold one of their sordid shin-digs in a bomb shelter during the blitz and laugh at the thought of London being obliterated – but it’s been great fun reacquainting myself with this one. Campbell and Cowles are on top form, Ronald Caine is supremely ghastly (imagine an E.C. comic strip minus a moral), Patricia Williams is all intensity and gloom: really, the only story that didn’t do it for me was Evelyn Waugh’s effort which has something of The Daily Mail about it.

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