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Peter Saxon – The Torturer

Posted by demonik on July 13, 2007

Peter Saxon – The Torturer (Mayflower-Dell, Dec. 1966)

More film-crew-in-peril fun and games.

This time the location is the mud flats and lagoons of the Marismas in Spain, which makes a welcome change from Transylvania. The Wonder Films team have flown out with not much idea of what they intend shooting, but you get the feeling that’s about to change as they’ve just discovered a deserted castle with it’s own satellite ghost village nearby. This seems to have been abandoned in a hurry. “They were probably running from the plague” opines one cheerless soul.

Chapter 2 is a mini-soap opera in which we learn of the convoluted relationships between the main players. Max Grant, the director, is onto his fifth marriage, this one to charm-free zone Petronella who devotes her life to making his a misery. She’s rumoured to have slept with everybody, ever, not because she particularly enjoys sex, but more to further demoralise her husband.
Buggie driver #1 is Heimie. He detests Petronella, but wouldn’t say no.
Gela is Max’s girl Friday, secretory, general factotum. A former Miss World contestant, she is besotted with Max who hardly notices she exists. The same cannot be said for buggie driver #2, lady killer Liam O’Hagan, a self-styled Don Juan but a rapist to the rest of us. Niko Kovacs (ace lensman), “The Englishman” (screenwriter) and Francisco “Fattie” Perez (backer) are all disgruntled with their lot. Fattie consoles himself by lusting after Petronella.

So, they’ve decided on the Castle as their premier location, and Max and his boys have just discovered a skeleton. The only “Torturer” we’ve met so far is Petronella, but I’ve just had a double-check of the blurb, and the real one’s due to introduce himself shortly.

For the rest of this “review” see Vault Of Evil


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