Morbid Mayflowers

Horror & Supernatural paperbacks ’60’s & ’70’s

Michel Parry – Mayflower Black Magic #6

Posted by demonik on July 16, 2007

Michel Parry (ed.) – The 6th Mayflower Book Of Black Magic Stories  (Mayflower, 1977)


Henry Kuttner – The Salem Horror
Robert E. Howard – The Thing On The Roof
Steven Utley – Someone Is Watching
Hector Bolitho – Taureke’s Eyes
Lewis Spence – The Horn Of Vapula
Robert Bloch – The Mannikin
John Collier – Thus I Refute Beelzy
Arthur Porges – The Other Side
Ramsey Campbell – The Seductress
Lewis Padgett (Henry Kuttner) – Compliments Of The Author

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