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Rohmer – Summers

Posted by demonik on July 29, 2007

Sax Rohmer – In The Valley Of The Sorceress: (Black Magic 1)

Sax Rohmer – The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu: [extract] (Omnibus Of Evil)

Sax Rohmer – The Whispering Mummy: (New Chamber Of Horrors)

Dennis Roidt – The Green Vase: The hideous ornament is the work of the disturbed young Matthew Hargrove who was inordinately proud of his creation and forbade anyone to move it. Since his death two men have gone against his wishes and been torn to pieces for their trouble. Now Vince has bought Lanceford House and he respects and fears Hargrove’s wish. His friend Edward, however …. (Dark Mind Dark Heart)

Christine Brooke-Rose – The Foot: (Unlikely Ghosts)

Ray Russell – The Cage: Ray Russell – The Cage: The Countess is about to begin an affair with her husband’s right-hand man, who many suspect is the Devil Incarnate. Worried at her husband’s penchant for torture, she demands her fiendish suitor grants her wish: “Make this beauty never fade. Make it withstand the onslaught of time and violence. Make me – no matter what may befall – live forever.”

When the Count discovers her infidelity, true to form, he locks her in his favourite contraption for the night, just as her treacherous lover is advising the enemy army how best to take the castle …. (Black Magic 4)

Ray Russell – Sagittarius: In 1909, the two finest actors in Paris were the classical Sellig and his polar opposite Laval, a monstrous performer at the Grand Guignol. Narrator Earl Terrence Glencannon is intrigued by both, the one handsome and charming, the other every bit as ghastly as the Bluebeard role he has made his own (he doesn’t even use make-up). When Clothilde, a pretty good-time girl on the theatre fringes is found butchered in the manner of a Ripper victim, the terrible secret linking the two actors is gradually revealed. Glencannon theorises that the killer is none other than the son of Mr. Hyde, modelling himself on Gilles de Rais (!). (Omnibus Of Evil)

Anthony Rye – My Man Closters: (Unlikely Ghosts)

William Kean Seymour – A Tale in a Club: (Unlikely Ghosts)

Robert Sheckley – The Altar: North Ambrose, New Jersey: Mr. Slater bumps into an urbane foreign gent who asks him directions to the Altar of Baz-Matain. It transpires that he is Elot, the group’s new business manager during a time of fierce local competition from the other occult aggregates who proliferate in the area. Mr. Slater is appalled that his respectable town should be given over to these blasphemers and telephone’s the mayor to demand he do something about it. In his turn that worthy tells Mr. Slater that he’s been strung a line. Determined to prove the mayor wrong, the next time he meets Elot Mr. Slater asks if he can attend the next ceremony … (Black Magic 3)

Mary Shelley – The Transformation: (New Chamber Of Horrors)

M. P. Shiel – Xelucha: (Dark Mind Dark Heart)

Henry Slesar – The Wish-Giver: A belligerent demon is sent to Earth and sets up shop on First Avenue. One free wish granted per client, but you’d better get it right …. (Black Magic 5)

Clark Ashton Smith – The Return Of The Sorcerer: (Black Magic 2)

Feodor Sologub – The Invoker Of The Beast: (Black Magic 1)

Lewis Spence – The Horn Of Vapula: (Black Magic 6)

Wilbur Daniel Steele – The Woman At Seven Brothers:(Bar The Doors)

Robert Louis Stevenson – The Bodysnatcher: Fictitious account of the Burke and Hare murders. Edinburgh, 182-. Fettes, a medical student of some promise, is assigned the duty of paying the Resurrection Men who deliver corpses out back of the dissecting rooms for Dr. K— to distribute among his classes. It is soon obvious to Fettes that many of the “subjects” did not die of natural corpses – one such, ‘Jane Galbraith’ (Burke victim Mary Patterson) is his drinking partner of the previous day – but he’s imposed upon by star pupil Wolfe “Toddy” McFarlane to keep his suspicions to himself as no good can come of pointing the finger. McFarlane has good reason to silence him, for he too is a murderer. When a man named Gray insults him in a bar, he delivers his body to Fettes and bribes him to keep his mouth shut. The pair go into business together, digging up bodies from neighbouring churchyards until the night they receive their come-uppance following their exhumation of a farmer’s wife at Glencorse. (Where Nightmares Are)

Robert Louis Stevenson – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: (extract) (Omnibus Of Evil)

Robert Louis Stevenson – Thrawn Janet: (Where Nightmares Are)

Bram Stoker – The Burial Of The Rats: (New Chamber Of Horrors)

Bram Stoker – Dracula (extract): (Omnibus Of Evil)

Jean Stubbs – Are You There: (Unlikely Ghosts)

Montague Summers – The Satanic Mass: (Satanists)


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