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Gillian Tindall (ed.) – A Handbook On Witches

Posted by demonik on August 5, 2007

Gillian Tindall (ed.) – A Handbook On Witches (Mayflower, 1972: Originally Arthur Baker, 1965)



What do witches do when they meet? … What is the shameful kiss? … What happens at a witches’ sabbath? …. what does the symbol of the broomstick mean? … What is the connection between witchcraft and phallic worship? … Who was Isobel Gowdie – and who is the notorious man in black?

All these and many other questions are answered straightforwardly and without censorship in this factual look at Witches and their lore. This is the authorative book on the subject, and Miss Tindall has written it especially for the general reader who needs a complete introduction to the most extraordinary of historical cults. This is a cool look at an inflammatory subject too often shrouded in hysteria and emotion.

This is the only book to give the clear facts on everything from dill water to elf-bolts, from grimoires to pickers …

All this in 158 pages, too ….

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