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Anthony Masters – Natural History Of The Vampire

Posted by demonik on August 6, 2007

Anthony Masters – The Natural History Of The Vampire (Mayflower, 1974)


A Dying Art.

The are everywhere .. from Transylvania to Haiti’s voodoo-land, lurking in dank draughty castles and on lonely mountains, waiting to plunge their fangs into the soft white throats of young girls. Vampires …

Here with a wealth of  gruesome anecdotes, rites, rituals and legends, Anthony Masters unearths the history of vampires – what they are, where they are and, most importantly, how to guard against them.

Come for a terror-trip round the history of vampires – you could do with the exorcise! 

3 Responses to “Anthony Masters – Natural History Of The Vampire”

  1. Jordan.B. said

    Hi I am doing some research on vampires, and I was wondering if u could tell me were I could get the book “The Natural History Of Vampires”? I would realy appreciate it, thankyou.

  2. One of the best books on Vampire Folklore is Matthew Hunsons’ Vampire Encyclopedia as well as any book by Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

  3. The Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology is so one of the very best. Highly Recommended!!!!

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