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Henry S. Whitehead – The Black Beast

Posted by demonik on August 20, 2007

Henry S. Whitehead – The Black Beast And Other Voodoo Tales (Mayflower, 1976)


The West Indies. Tropical islands steeped in native beliefs and superstition. Home of the dreaded jumbee. Birthplace of a thousand unfathomable mysteries. The mysteries of voodoo.
Let Henry S. Whitehead take you into this macabre world where beasts invade the minds of men.
Where executed buccaneers still twitch on the hangman’s rope. Where the lives of the living are racked by the spirits of the dead. Where the curses of the great Guinea-Snake can freeze the blood in your veins and melt the iron in your soul!

By the author of Jumbee and Other Voodoo Tales.

The Black Beast
Seven Turns In A Hangman’s Rope
Mrs. Lorriquer
The Projection Of Armand Dubois
The Lips
The Fireplace

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