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Peter Saxon – The Haunting Of Alan Mais

Posted by demonik on August 20, 2007

Peter Saxon – The Haunting Of Alan Mais (Mayflower, 1970)

Witchcraft, Necromancy, Voodoo, Vampirism, Satanism, Black Magic, Sorcery

…. wherever and whatever the agents of occult Evil are, The Guardians are there to combat them with their own more-than-mortal powers. An amusing investigation of a haunted house turns to nightmare as Guardian Anne Ashby is transformed into a sadistic wanton, focus of the malignant force of an ancient curse, and an enemy to her fellow-Guardians!

When his latest purchase Beacon Old Farm in Medway, Kent, shows signs of being haunted, Langford Layton, Playboy, calls in The Guardians to investigate. Steven Kane and Father Dyball accompany him down to the crumbling mansion but Gideon Cross initially dissuades Anne from joining them on account of that particular part of Kent being dangerous for her. This may or may not have something to do with a witch named ‘Anne Ashby’ having been burnt there during Cromwell’s time. Anne displays a snap of temper at the leader and eventually gets her own way, slips on her best miniskirt and zooms down South. Her colleagues are amazed at her aggressive vamping of Layton who really isn’t her type at all (nobody is), but soon she’s slipped off her jodhpurs for some soulless outdoor sex with their moneybags client and is generally acting out of character. Could it be something to do with the ghostly disembodied face that appears to Dyball beseeching his aid?

A very busy plot with plenty of mysterious goings-on: why is there no record of any ‘Langford Layton’? What does the voyeuristic sexton Pauncefoot know that he’s not letting on? Did the previous owner, General Quinn, dabble in black magic? What’s up with Anne?


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