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Alfred Hitchcock – Bar The Doors

Posted by demonik on July 16, 2007

Alfred Hitchcock – Bar The Doors (1972; this is the cover of the 3rd edition, 1977)

Alfred Hitchcock - Bar The Doors

Introduction: Speaking Of terror – Alfred Hitchcock

H. G. Wells – Pollock And The Porrah Man
McKnight Malmar – The Storm
Alexander Woollcott – Moonlight Sonata
DuBose Heyward – The Half-Pint Flask
Peter Fleming – The Kill
F. Marion Crawford – The Upper Berth
Alfred Noyes – Midnight Express
Ambrose Beirce – The Damned Thing
August Derleth – The Metronome
Martin Armstrong – The Pipe-Smoker
Samuel Hopkins Adams – The Corpse At The Table
Wilbur Daniel Steele – The Woman At Seven Brothers
Margaret Irwin – The Book

I’m a bit wary of the ‘Alfred Hitchcock’-edited anthologies as some have perhaps more to do with crime and detection than horror and the supernatural, but Bar The Doors ticks all the right boxes.

My friend Rog at Haunted Doll’s House has also suggested the following.

A Hangman’s Dozen (1972)

Grave Business (1977)

Games Killers Play (1974)

Get Me To The Wake On Time (1974)

Death Bag (1974)

There’s a helpful page devoted entirely to anthologies attributed to Hitchcock at Alfred’s Place.

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