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August Derleth – Dark Mind, Dark Heart

Posted by demonik on July 13, 2007

August Derleth (ed.) – Dark Mind, Dark Heart (Mayflower-Dell, 1963, June 1966)


Foreword – August Derleth

Robert Bloch – Under The Horns
Joseph Payne Brennan – Come Back, Uncle Ben!
J. Ramsey Campbell – The Church In High Street
Mary E. Counselman – Hargrave’s Fore-edge Book
Stephen Grendon (August Derleth) – Miss Esperson
William Hope Hodgson – The Habitants Of Middle Isle
Robert E. Howard – The Grey God Passes
Carl Jacobi – The Aquarium
John Jakes – The Man Who Wanted To Be In The Movies
David H. Keller – In Memoriam
H. P. Lovecraft – Witches’ Hollow
Frank Mace – The Ideal Type
John Metcalfe – The Firing Chamber
Dennis Roidt – The Green Vase
M. P. Shiel – Xelucha
H. Russell Wakefield – The Animals In The Case
George Wetzel – Caer Sidhi

In Keller’s In Memoriam, Dr. Brown interviews the reclusive Prof. Moyers, a man with a very peculiar tobacco bowl. Brown is greatly relieved to leave in one piece. “Only once before I had known such a pall of horror to depress me – after a visit to an asylum for the hopelessly insane.” Metcalfe’s The Firing-Chamber finds him in rare all-out-horror mode, and it suits him; the Rev. Noah Scallard is tormented by a terrible accident at the Double Dyker potteries – he just can’t stop thinking about the dreadful way that unfortunate man died. It seems to awaken a dormant sado-masochistic streak in him… Hargrave’s Fore-edge Book should strike a chord with everybody on this board. John Hargrave covets his dead uncle’s library which, inexplicably, the old fool has willed to Aunt Jessica! Bloch settles for an unpretentious tale of revenge involving a bull-fighter who kills his love-rival. Less successful, The Man Who Wanted To Be In The Movies gets his wish and Witches’ Hollow is another of the stories attributed to Lovecraft which are 90% the work of Derleth. The Church In High Street is one of Ramsey Campbell’s early HPL/ Cthulhu Mythos pastiches before he found his own voice (in a big way).

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