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Noel Langley – Tales Of Mystery & Revenge

Posted by demonik on July 27, 2007

Noel Langley – Tales Of Mystery And Revenge (Mayflower, 1969)


The Fall Of The Fothergays
Serenade For Baboons
Little Miracle
Love’s Labour Done
The Bone Bead Necklace
Saint Wilbur
But A Good Cigar Is A Smoke

“Noel Langley has written the perfect bedside, or lonely trainride, book – for anyone with steely nerves.

The title of the book covers a wide canvas, from the macabre creeping horror of witch-doctors’ curses to the more civilized mystery of the Shakespeare-Bacon controversy.”

Mayflower also published an edition of Langley’s The Music Of The Heart which I’ve never seen and possibly concerns itself with non-supernatural horror themes.

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