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Robin Odell – Jack The Ripper

Posted by demonik on May 6, 2008

Robin Odell – Jack The Ripper, In Fact And Fiction (Mayflower-Dell, Sept. 1966)



In the autumn of 1888 the streets of London were streets of terror. The cause – a series of mysterious and apparently motiveless murders. Respectable citizens cowered behind shuttered windows and multi-locked doors. Ironically, however, it was not the respectable who were in danger. The victims were all drawn from the trade which necessity still compelled to haunt dark alleys and doorways at dead of night – the prostitutes.

Theories on the identity of the murderer have been many and various: that he was a fashionable doctor, even that he was a she – a midwife. Robin Odell has produced an absorbing factual reconstruction of all the crimes and a brilliant new theory, based on modern methods of detection, to solve the greatest mystery in British criminology. Most readers will accept his theory as the long-sought answer to a baffling real-life whodunit: as the most likely epitaph on a terror known as Jack The Ripper, In Fact And Fiction.

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John Symonds – The Great Beast

Posted by demonik on August 20, 2007

John Symonds – The Great Beast: The Life And Magick Of Aleister Crowley (Mayflower 1973: Richard Clay, 1971)


I am the Beast, I am the Word of Aeon. I spend my soul in blazing torrents that roar into Night, streams that with molten tongues hiss as they lick. I am a hell of a Holy Guru.


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Anthony Masters – Natural History Of The Vampire

Posted by demonik on August 6, 2007

Anthony Masters – The Natural History Of The Vampire (Mayflower, 1974)


A Dying Art.

The are everywhere .. from Transylvania to Haiti’s voodoo-land, lurking in dank draughty castles and on lonely mountains, waiting to plunge their fangs into the soft white throats of young girls. Vampires …

Here with a wealth of  gruesome anecdotes, rites, rituals and legends, Anthony Masters unearths the history of vampires – what they are, where they are and, most importantly, how to guard against them.

Come for a terror-trip round the history of vampires – you could do with the exorcise! 

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Gillian Tindall (ed.) – A Handbook On Witches

Posted by demonik on August 5, 2007

Gillian Tindall (ed.) – A Handbook On Witches (Mayflower, 1972: Originally Arthur Baker, 1965)



What do witches do when they meet? … What is the shameful kiss? … What happens at a witches’ sabbath? …. what does the symbol of the broomstick mean? … What is the connection between witchcraft and phallic worship? … Who was Isobel Gowdie – and who is the notorious man in black?

All these and many other questions are answered straightforwardly and without censorship in this factual look at Witches and their lore. This is the authorative book on the subject, and Miss Tindall has written it especially for the general reader who needs a complete introduction to the most extraordinary of historical cults. This is a cool look at an inflammatory subject too often shrouded in hysteria and emotion.

This is the only book to give the clear facts on everything from dill water to elf-bolts, from grimoires to pickers …

All this in 158 pages, too ….

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