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Syd Bentlif – Horror Anthlology

Posted by demonik on July 17, 2007

Syd Bentlif (ed.) – Horror Anthlology (1965)

Syd Bentlif Horror Anthology

Elizabeth Howard and Robert Aickman – Left Luggage
Edgar Allan Poe – Silence
Ray Bradbury – The Dwarf
Isabel Colegate – The Nice Boys
Edgar Allan Poe – The Tell-Tale Heart
M. R. James – The Uncommon Prayer Book
Jerome Bixby – It’s a Good Life
Algernon Blackwood – The Terror of the Twins
Joan Aiken – Marmalade Wine

At least Syd put more thought into his selection than he did the title.

Jerome Bixby – It’s A Good Life: The truly nasty story of Little Anthony whose magical powers are such that he can read minds and make mice eat themselves if he feels like it. Everybody has to think happy thoughts around him, as it just doesn’t do to upset him in even the slightest way …

Joan Aikin – Marmalade Wine: Journalist and would-be legendary poet Roger Hacker is walking through a beautiful woodland glade when he meets the reclusive Sir Francis Deeking, a master surgeon recently in the news for reasons Hacker can’t recall. Deeking invites him to sample his home made wine and, feeling inferior in the shadow of the great man’s achievements, Hacker boasts that he has his own special gift – he can predict the future. When he correctly guesses the winner of the afternoon meeting at Manchester, Deeking sees pound signs flashing before his eyes. Hacker, who won’t be walking home any time soon, awakens from his drug-induced slumber having finally remembered why his host had made the headlines ….

Thanks to Justin for the cover scan. 

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