Morbid Mayflowers

Horror & Supernatural paperbacks ’60’s & ’70’s

Michel Parry – Mayflower Black Magic #2

Posted by demonik on July 16, 2007

Michel Parry (ed.) – The 2nd Mayflower Book of Black Magic Stories (1974)

Mayflower Black Magic 2

Richard Matheson – The Likeness Of Julie
E. F. Benson – Sanctuary
Aleister Crowley – The Violinist
Clark Ashton Smith – The Return Of The Sorcerer
Philip K. Dick – Upon The Dull Earth
Frederick Cowles – The Witch Finder
Edward Bulwer-Lytton – Kosem Kesamim The Magician
Warden Allen Curtis – The Seal Of Solomen The Great
Marjorie Bowen – The Necromancers
Robert E. Howard – Dig Me No Grave
Roland Caine – The Eye Of The Beholder
Hans Heinz Ewers – The Spider
Seabury Quinn – The Children Of Ubasti

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